Lidia’s care for her clients and passion for real estate shines through when working with her. As a first time homebuyer, I was confused as to how to begin my search. A friend who had previously worked with Lidia recommended her to me. Lidia took control of the process and made me feel at ease, sending me listings in the area that I had requested, and scheduling showings around my schedule. She gave her expert and honest opinion about every aspect of the homes we would go see and was prepared to answer every question I had. When we finally found the place we wanted to buy, and we had won with our bid, Lidia came to our house at 10 pm to get the documents needed to finalize the purchase and brought them halfway across Toronto for me. Since my experience, I have been recommending Lidia to all my friends who will also one day be first time home buyers. A process that may have been daunting turned into an exciting hunt that ended in finding my dream home.

Julian DeSa

We have used Lidia multiple times for both purchasing and selling properties. All have been exceptional experiences. However, the most recent properties she looked after were for very close family members who had passed away.
Lidia successfully carried out what could have been an overwhelming and very stressful process for us. Her kindness and professionalism cannot be overstated. She suggested and carried out several inexpensive improvements to the properties which made them even more attractive to potential buyers and resulted in excellent outcomes. She works very hard, has a great eye and provides solid advice and guidance. She was there for us through to the end and any issues that arose, she dealt with calmly and expertly.

Stephanie Slobodnik

Lidia was the seller’s agent when we bought our beautiful Toronto home. We were impressed from the get-go with her professional handling of the ownership transfer. Some years later, when we considered selling, we naturally found ourselves reaching out to her for guidance and support. She was completely no-pressure and no-BS! We ultimately decided to wait a few years, confident that when it was time to sell, it would be with Lidia. And that’s exactly how it worked out! We couldn’t have made a better choice - her calm demeanour helped us get through a sale during uncertain times. She genuinely cares about your goals and about how the move will work out for your lifestyle. We recommend Lidia without any hesitation.

Heather Bennett and Shari Aboosaidi

Buying a home on my own was an intimidating decision, but Lidia Oliveira was there for me every step of the way. I could always count on her and trust that she had my best interest in mind. The market is competitive in Toronto, but when it comes to competing she is well prepared to compete for her clients in a professional way. I thought it would be an additional challenge to find a home during a pandemic but she was able to ensure everyone's safety and health during the process and exceeded my expectations during this difficult time. She noticed crucial details along the way that led me to finding my perfect home that suited everyone of my specific needs (as well as my pets). I have never worked with a realtor as well focused and good as her. She is truly outstanding at what she does and I am very grateful for all her help she has provided me. She not only felt like my realtor but also a friend who had my back. I highly recommend Lidia Oliveira as your realtor, you will not regret it!

Laura Warner

My husband and I were referred to Lidia by family friends when our casual house hunt started to turn into a frantic search for our forever home.  With the stress of the Toronto real estate market, lack of inventory during the winter months, and our baby girl growing so fast, we knew we had to act quickly. Upon meeting Lidia, we told her our story, explained our needs and wishes and Lidia made our mission her own.  She is motivated, honest and positive. Lidia always insisted we take our time, see things more than once, and most of all, she insisted we’d know when we found our house because it would feel right.  We never felt rushed or pressured and we always felt like she had our family’s best interest in mind. She kept a close eye on our preferred neighbourhoods, was always available for viewings and we had comfort and confidence knowing that she was always ahead of the market, bringing us every new listing as soon as it came out. Her professionalism and her calm demeanour helped us navigate the stressful process of house hunting and home buying and  her optimism and experience led us to exactly what we were looking for.   She negotiated on our behalf to firm up the deal and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience.   We are very grateful for all of her help and expertise and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lidia to our closest friends.

Christina and Steve Vasilevski

Lidia, we honestly can’t thank you enough. Your opinion was always honest and straightforward yet you still made buying our first place so easy and so comfortable. You even worked during your vacation because you cared so much about our outcome. That was so amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor - your eye for detail, expertise in negotiations and easygoing personality are exactly what a buyer needs when navigating a home purchase. Thank you, it was totally our pleasure to work with you and we will 100% work with you again.  

Adrian Harris and Sébastien Genier

Lidia was introduced to me  when I was looking to buy my first condo, by a friend who also used Lidia as their realtor for the purchase of their first condominium. Throughout the entire process of buying my first home, Lidia was there to support me and use her professionalism to make sure I made the right decision. Throughout the process, Lidia was very patient, understanding, easy to work with, and never pressured me to make a decision I wasn’t comfortable with. Her knowledge, professionalism and expertise would makes her an ideal realtor for any home buyers need. Lidia was able to help me find my perfect first home, and I have no doubt that she will be able to help any home buyer with their needs. I highly recommend Lidia as a realtor! 

Graydon McGowan

Selling your family home is something very personal.  We wanted to work with someone who would guide and help us without the “pushing” or “insisting” you normally associate with real estate agents.  Lidia was recommended to us by close family friends. We agreed to meet with her at our home.  From the very beginning she was respectful, kind, and extremely professional.  What we appreciated most about Lidia was her ability to listen; listen to our ideas, our goals, and to the stories our home held. Selling our home was a tough decision and Lidia made it all that much simpler.  She completely redesigned and staged our home on her own. She provided us with room-by-room snapshots of her vision in each space.  She gave us realistic timelines, to-do lists, and strategies that would all help us get the house in shape for the market. She and her team came in and transformed our home to some place out of a magazine.  The transformation was truly astonishing.  Her detail-oriented style, ability to maximize space, and talent when it came to colours and textiles was second to none. Our home sold in a matter of days and we couldn’t be happier with her negotiation skills down to the very end.  Lidia took a place that meant so much to us, respectfully transformed it to what it needed to be, and sold it for us for top dollar. In addition, she assisted my father find his new home.  The search began early with a long list of “must haves”.  Lidia searched and brought us only properties she knew would be acceptable.  In no time, my father found his new home at a great price, all thanks to Lidia. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Lidia and would recommend her and her services to anyone in the market of purchasing and selling their home. 

Jason Fraga

My experience with Lidia Oliveira was, in a word, outstanding. Being the estate executor and having to sell my sister's home was a daunting and emotional experience that I wasn't sure I could deal with. Lidia saw me through it all and made the process painless and seamless with assurance and support. For every small detail that came up, Lidia had a solution for it or found one at the earliest possible time, making me feel extremely comfortable with her competency and professionalism. If you are looking for a fantastic real estate agent, Lidia Oliveira easily fits that description. She is extremely personable, detail-oriented and truly excellent at what she does. She staged the house, often getting her own hands dirty in the process and it sold in one evening, for over our asking price. I wasn't at all disappointed with Lidia's talent and hard work—and you won't be either.

Jennifer Hamilton

My husband and I were renting a tiny condo downtown with our 4 month old when we set out looking for a home. Toronto was hitting the very peak of the market and the weather was just becoming intolerable at the end of the fall. We initially enlisted the help of a real estate agent from a company that we thought had a progressive approach to house-hunting but we were disappointed by their very lackadaisical attitude.  I needed someone who could match my intense scrutiny of every single listing. I’m a lifelong city-dweller and I was desperate to find a home in one of Toronto's hot neighbourhoods.  My husband and I realised that we needed a serious agent.  We came to Lidia via a recommendation and when we casually asked her about a listing that we were interested in, she responded right away with a  wealth of information.  She’d seen the house and she gave me facts about it that I didn’t know could be obtained. That particular place had already sold but we knew we’d found the right person to help us in our hunt.  Lidia was confident, insightful and took the time to walk us through exactly what was available within our price range and where we might have to make compromises.  She helped us prioritize what was most important to us and listened with sincerity to our reservations.  Every listing that we mentioned to her was met with a quick response and all of the facts; if a seller was accepting bids the next day, then we’d see it that night, and that was exactly how we ended up buying our home. About a month after we’d started our search with Lidia, we found a listing that was within our price range and the seller was accepting bids the following day.  It met what we had now realised was our most important criteria: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a decent school district and a location in a great West End neighbourhood that was close to the subway.
At this point, we were aware that we’d have to make a couple of sacrifices, and we did so knowing the trade-offs.  Lidia met us at the house both that day and the next, and we went over every aspect of the property with a fine toothed comb.  Once we’d made the decision to go for it, she walked us through the bidding process with expert clarity.  She gave us frank advice about how much money we should put on the table and used her knowledge of the market to stop us from over-bidding by a substantial amount.  Remarkably, the price we ended up paying for our home was the exact amount that Lidia had told us the place was worth when we first walked through.  Lidia guided us through our home-buying process with care and utmost attention to every detail.  She was patient, incredibly knowledgeable and willing to help us manage our expectations. We’ve been living in our home for four months now and couldn’t be happier with our purchase!  We couldn’t recommend Lidia more highly.

Jane and Adi Sharma

We first met Lidia while searching for a rental. She was showing an apartment on behalf of our eventual landlord, and when we left thinking the place was too small, she went home and worked on a computer simulation which mapped out our furniture in the potential new space. It turned out the apartment was perfect for us, and she knew it. 
We stayed in touch with Lidia, as we had a feeling she would be the right agent when it came time to purchase. As first time home-buyers, we knew little about the process; but Lidia guided us through every step with patience (A LOT of patience), formidable knowledge and experience, and a sincere commitment. She dropped dinner when we thought we had to see that listing at that exact moment, and on more than one late night she sat in our kitchen making and adjusting offers which amounted to nothing more than learning experiences that felt like disappointments. But we never lost hope, because she never let us. 
We could say that Lidia is warm, friendly, intelligent, and very professional, because she's absolutely all of those things. But the most important feeling we're left with is her genuine desire for finding us the right house. She knew how to point us away from choices we would've regretted and how to help us see the opportunity in a home we've grown to absolutely love. Her creative vision and her care and connection to our needs are the reasons we recommend Lidia above all. 

Lisa Cristini and Cory Cook

We were highly impressed by Lidia's ability to get our house ready for the market in a short period of time , making changes that transformed the property without "breaking the bank". The improvements Lidia suggested resulted in an excellent selling price.
Throughout the process, we witnessed Lidia's unique set of talent's, including: a superb creative design sense, top-notch organization and project management skills, strong knowledge of the real estate market and finely-attuned people skills.

It was a pleasure to work with Lidia and to experience her personal commitment and unfailing responsiveness to the needs of her clients. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Anne and Paul Court

Fate brought Lidia and I together.  Her clients purchased my parent’s home and I had the pleasure of meeting Lidia during one of her clients visits. 

I found her friendly, low key and very knowledgeable of the real estate market.  In the short time I spent with her, I knew I wanted to hire her to both sell and to purchase a new home.

I know many agents, but there was something special about Lidia.  In the months to follow, during my home search there were times I felt desperate to put in offers on less than perfect houses, but she would remind me of my wishlist and convinced me that we would find the perfect one.  Well, we did and for less than I expected to pay.

She also staged my home and I feel it made the difference in selling for way over the asking price.   I would recommend Lidia in a heartbeat.  I look forward to a long lasting friendship and having her handle all my real estate needs.


Josie Galati

I first met Lidia about a year ago through a friend when I was looking to buy my first condo. Lidia knew exactly what kind of places I would be interested in and was able to show me many different options. It wasn't long before I found the right one. 
Lidia was very easy to work with as she listened to what my needs, wants and concerns were. I never felt any pressure to jump into anything if it didn't feel right. She is very professional and knowledgeable in the real estate market.  I was absolutely impressed with her genuine desire in finding exactly what I was looking for. 
If the time comes when I need to sell and buy another place, Lidia will be the first person I'd contact. I highly recommend her!

Kendra Szucs

My fiancé and I loved working with Lidia. Lidia is professional, intelligent, understanding and helpful. As a first time homebuyer, we were quite nervous and worried that we would never find the perfect house for us but with Lidia’s assistance, house shopping became less stressful. Lidia still continues to contact us with phone calls, letters and surprised us with a nice gift, which shows us how much she cares and values you as a client.  We appreciate everything that Lidia has and continues to do for us. We will continue to go with Lidia in the future if we ever decide to sell and buy again and will 100% recommend to friends and family.

Patricia Ferreira

I wanted to send a letter of appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work that Lidia Oliveira demonstrated with the sale and purchase of our new home.

She was and is professional and most knowledgeable regarding properties, locations and pricing.  

She was always considerate of our needs and was always willing to provide a helping hand. Lidia continues to think outside the box, her dedication guidance and hard work paid off greatly as she saw our vision and got us exactly what we wanted.

Lidia still touches base with phone calls and letters, her personal touch shows that she cares. Lidia values you as a client and is very appreciative.

She is such an expert in her field. We sincerely wish you all the success in the future and will recommend you without hesitation.

Michael and Fatima Machado

You have been a wonderful broker to deal with. You have the patience that all real estate agents/brokers require when dealing with clients during stressful situations like selling or buying a home. I am so glad that I picked you to sell my uncle's house. It was a very good experience and to be honest, I was up in the air about starting my real estate course, but after dealing with you, I made my decision final and started my course.
I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who is buying or selling a house.


Fatima Rebello

Lidia is a joy to work with. She’s smart, professional, and very creative. She made selling my place as easy as selling a home can ever be. She was sensitive to my needs and concerns at every step of the process. I completely trusted and respected her judgement. Because of her exceptional skills, my home sold for more than the asking price in a very short period of time. I so appreciated her integrity and the way she minimized the stress of selling my home!

Karen McCutcheon

Because she clearly understands the emotions involved in selling a home of twenty years, Lidia made the selling of my condo a stress-free experience.   She was compassionate, understanding and professional.  
While she had not sold a unit in my building before, she obviously researched its history, understood its strengths and weaknesses, thoroughly knew the market and staged my home accordingly.  The result was a sale considerably higher than I had anticipated and within the time frame that I needed.   Lidia would certainly be the first person I called should I decide to sell another home in the future.


Norman Hall

Lidia made buying and selling my home a great experience. I was impressed with her communication and dedication throughout the whole process.

She took the time to patiently explain each step, her knowledge of the industry took a lot of the stress out of it.

Lidia listened to my needs and was always sensitive and sympathetic. With Lidia, it felt truly we were dealing with a home and not just a house.

Rosa Henderson

From a Client’s View: A Little Known Fact: Building a strong foundation is key for buying and selling property. A well chosen real estate representative can give the stability through an exciting, significant, often confusing, daunting, emotional, exciting, overwhelming, financial transaction.

To sell my home, I made choosing an agent a well considered first priority. I would be entrusting this person to advise, participate and represent me in a significant personal and financial transaction. So, without hesitation, I hired Lidia She is sincere and intelligent and your interests are first and foremost on her mind. From start to finish she exemplified the value of a professional.

We reviewed the property, location and current market. Lidia clearly and without bias explained the tools and options for selling and we put together a course of action. She sets a high standard of excellence for herself which ensured superior quality in any other resources she recommended. Complimenting the obvious benefits of her professional guidance is her design and graphic expertise. The results of Lidia's staging my place were incredible and without question translated to increased interest, number of offers and the monetary amount of those offers.

Leigh Cook

Many thanks for the amazing job you did in selling my condo. I most appreciate how you handled everything so professionally and efficiently and did not require my assistance at all in preparing the place for viewings.

The place was truly transformed after you home staged it and I'm sure that it was a major factor in getting $55,000 over asking - WOW!

I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property.

Aldo Gallone

With the Toronto market in a buying frenzy, I was anticipating a time full of anxiety and frustration when I decided to begin my search for a house downtown. Instead, Lidia calmly and effortlessly helped me find, and successfully purchase, the perfect house that is now the perfect home for my daughters and me. Her knowledge, professionalism, and dedication made the process easy and enjoyable. Every step of the way, Lidia followed through with great recommendations and valuable insight that made all the difference. Her support, enthusiasm and hard work resulted in superior results and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Lidia!

Holly Wheatcroft

Lidia displays all the characteristics of an ideal agent.

She is creative…Lidia took time to stage our home; this practice netted us thousands of extra dollars.
She is compassionate…we were able to maintain a normal lifestyle during the sales process.
She is smart…Lidia offered solid advice when we asked for it.

From beginning to end, we are 110% happy with our listing results.

Michael Sangregorio